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If you have recently traveled  outside the big Island or visiting  from the mainland.
Studio policy requires all students  need to provide a Negative Covid test taken within the past 72 hours of coming into the studio  even if you are vaccinated  this is our policy

The test needs to be taken from a legitimate lab, No in store tests purchased  will be allowed.

We appreciate your kindness and understanding during these times.

  • You must sign up for class on-line (or waitlist) and reserve your spot. You will be able to register for class 72 hours in advance. Please ensure that your membership is active and credit card information on file is current. WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING walk-in students.
  • Class size will be limited to 12. This will allow for plenty of space between mats. However, given our limited class sizes, it is imperative that if you reserve a spot you attend. If you can’t attend, you must cancel your reservation online at least 4 hours in advance. Class spots are in high demand so we will need to implement a “no-show” and “late-cancellation” fee of $15. This will be charged to the members CC on file.

Once You Arrive At The Studio:

  • No shoes are allowed in the studio. As soon as you enter, shoes come off. Place your shoes outside the front door. Head to the front desk to check in and say hello! Once you are checked in feel free to head into the yoga room and get set up. DO NOT go into the yoga room before you check in at the front desk.
  • The locker rooms, are closed temporarily.
  • The water station will be turned off so bring your water bottle already filled or you can buy bottled water at the studio.
  • Our retail shop is open! Shop Island bikram yoga The studio needs your support now more than ever!
  • Come to class prepared with your own mat and towel. Bring an extra towel to clean up your mat area after class, along with a waterproof plastic bag to keep your sweat contained as you exit the room. You MUST wipe your area dry before you leave.
  • Yoga Room Etiquette. Practice spaces will be clearly marked for you to place your mat down. The top left hand corner of your mat goes on the X. Your water bottle goes on the top left hand corner of your mat as well. You will keep your extra towel and your wet bag in the room behind your mat.
  • Coughing, sneezing and blowing your nose in the yoga room is gonna be a problem.  Sorry folks, it’s a no-no for now. I know it happens and that people have allergies etc but you just can’t, ‘nuff said.
  • Studio front doors will be open 15 minutes before class time, and we ask that you exit the yoga room no later than 5 minutes after class ends. This enables us to properly disinfect and reset between classes.